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Four centuries ago, the Rebellion against genocide established a safe-haven for the Far Isles Half-Elven.

The uneasy truce with the enemies that surround the Half-Elven is now collapsing. An unprovoked attack, that kills her granddaughter and almost kills her daughter, is evidence enough for Mariah. But, will the fierce warrior and her ring-mate, Ashton, be able to convince Linden, Lord High Commander of the Marches, that their people are in danger?

With attacks by the Trestemontans from over the eastern sea, hints of magic by the Suthron Hounds, and Drummer Warriors using Spirit drums made from the skin of live human sacrifices, the Half-Elven Warriors have reason to worry.

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About MK Theodoratus

MK Theodoratus
A Northern California gal, M. K. Theodoratus has been intrigued by fantasy since she discovered the Oz books. She has traveled through many fantasy worlds since then. When she's not disappearing into other writer's worlds, she's creating her own alternative worlds -- that of Andor where demons of many forms stalk humans and that of the Far Isle Half-Elven where she explores the social and political implications of genetic drift on a hybrid elf/human people.

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