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Unallocated Space: A Thriller (Sam Flatt Book 1)


Be Quick and Get It Free …

SPACE. It’s not just the glitziest casino ever built. It’s the largest man-made structure in history.This futuristic wonderland has captivated Las Vegas and the world, but beneath the shine and tech, something old lurks and festers.

Someone has hacked the casino’s high-tech gaming machines and it’s costing the company millions. Enter the eccentric Sam Flatt, an expert in digital forensics, hired by the company to find and shut down the intruders. Flatt finds something far worse than financial theft, but he alone seems interested in stopping it. Doing so will come with great personal risk to Flatt, but he’s hard-wired for the pursuit of justice. By any means.

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About Jerry Hatchett

Jerry Hatchett
Jerry Hatchett (1959-) was born and grew up in the creatively fertile Mississippi Delta, and lives and works now in Houston, Texas. A lifelong admitted geek, he loves to create fast stories around characters you can cheer for and against. His work features a crisp tight voice that pulls you in and doesn't let go.

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