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The Gift: A Short Story


Ralph has been like a grizzly bear in a dark cave for too long, and Stacey gets a wild idea to buy him a puppy for Christmas. Maybe that will make him smile. But that plan gets detoured when she meets a homeless man who has much more to be depressed about than Ralph.

“The Gift” is a story to warm your heart at the holiday season, or any day of the year. It comes from the author who won the Page Edwards Short Story Award for “Maybe Someday,” one of the stories in her collection THE WISDOM OF AGES, which is also available here on Amazon.

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About G.E.Johnson

G.E. Johnson made her debut as a Christian fiction author in 2011 and became an Amazon best seller in multiple categories. Now G.E. is focusing her writing talent on helping Christian believers gain greater understanding of the Word of God through bible studies and commentaries. G.E. also works as a private marketing consultant for other authors through her online organization Book Promotions International. Her interests include reading, photography, spiritual outreach, and helping others to develop entrepreneurial ideas. G.E. is available to chat with readers and welcomes comments and emails. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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