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The Body in the River

The Body in the River

Free Private Investigation Novel – outstanding new Author!

T.J. Walter has written a total of seven full length crime novels. Publishing had never been a serious option until I discovered Kindle. My first publication was entitled: The London Drug Wars, published last year: my second The Body in the River, published just last week. Next in line is The Punch & Judy Man, the story of a serial killer, scheduled to be published in a month’s time.

A corpse dragged from the Thames. A trail of violence drawn across two continents. A chance to strike at the heart of London’s organised crime.

‘Whilst murder investigations are nothing new to Detective Superintendent John Brookes, this one is about to take an unexpected turn. The death of Alison MacPherson brings to light the workings of one of London’s biggest criminal empires, and a fleeting chance to bring it down, if only Brookes can catch the killer.

With the culprit on the run from both police and the criminal mastermind he served, the chase drags Brookes and his team out of London and halfway round the world, in pursuit of the tramp steamers plying their shady trade across the Caribbean, carrying drugs, people, and anything else their customers can pay for.

Away from the safety of the UK, Brookes’ team must depend upon the wiles of local law enforcement; can they hunt down their quarry or even survive long enough to do so? Can they then bring down the vicious criminal behind all this?’



About T. J. Walter

T. J. Walter
Once upon a time I was a police officer patrolling the streets of London. Now, long retired, I live on the south coast indulging my passions. Not the ones you may think! My passions are the search for justice; and humour. Justice I found to be somewhat elusive when in the force. Our legal system deals adequately with the small-fry but not infrequently comes sadly adrift when money is thrown at it. My books, although fiction, reflect my passions.

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