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The Beast of the North

The Beast of the North

The Nine Worlds have been sundered from each other and the gods during the goddess Hel’s War long ago, but in the land of Midgard the years have passed relatively peacefully. Men govern men, and there are wars, there is peace and life is as it should be.

For Red Midgard, times are changing, however. The harsh, freedom-loving northern land faces the animosity of the mighty High King, but also a threat of war with its few allies, as King Morag is rumored to look for any reason to go to war with his allies. Maskan and Sand, thieves of Dagnar, discover a web of conspiracies to topple the king before it is too late, and soon, they have a good reason to tie their fates with those who would fight the king.

But not all is as it seems, and layers of truths and lies make the road dark and dangerous. Our heroes must navigate very murky waters of betrayal, elemental magic, love, and loyalty to save their land and to find revenge.

5 Star Reviews
“Loved this exciting, dark fantasy adventure! Nonstop action, magic, wars, betrayal, can’t wait to see what happens next!”



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