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Storm Of Arranon


A forbidden birth. A remarkable young woman. A marauding alien society. The battle begins.

Cadet Erynn Yager guards a secret that if revealed would change her life, and not for the good. Erynn senses the emotions of others, can manipulate the electro-magnetic field around her, bend time for brief moments, and see the future. It’s not Erynn’s abilities that jeopardize her. It’s why she has these talents. Erynn’s very birth as a child of two worlds is forbidden.

When a brutal alien society begins an invasion, sending a specialized team to assassinate a military representative, Erynn bends time, saving the dignitary’s life. The alien assassin takes Erynn hostage, using her as a shield to evade capture. Pursued and attacked, they crash land on Arranon, the sister planet of Erynn’s home world, Korin.

Erynn escapes the enemy, fleeing into the unfamiliar dangers of an untamed, frigid, and beautiful planet.

Jaer, enigmatic leader of Arranon’s elite Anbas Warriors, vows to protect Erynn. Together they try to save their worlds. From their first meeting, her touch awakens a need Jaer thought dead and buried, creating in him a desire for something more in his life. His defenses tatter, carried away by the intensity of Erynn’s unusual energy. Jaer covers his feelings with a rigid defiance, not believing someone as rare and precious as Erynn could ever love him.

Obsessed with Erynn’s potential, the enemy hunts her. In a constant race to elude the invaders, Erynn becomes aware of a mysterious connection between her growing powers and the living consciousness of Arranon, leading her on a mystical journey. The wild animals of the forests assist Erynn, communicate with her. Even the weather seems to interact with Erynn, acting on her behalf, further drawing her into the spirit of Arranon, a world that needs her help. The ghostly vision of Erynn’s biological father comes to her, empowering her, instructing her to trust Arranon.

Arranon leads Erynn to a portal, a virtual doorway to another realm and a strange glowing life form, a collective colony of part plant, part animal. By linking their intellect to hers, they impart their warning. The alien is gaining control and time is running out. With Erynn’s trust increasing, Arranon reveals one last task. Erynn faces the final dreadful and agonizing objective that awaits her if she dares to save her worlds.

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About R.E. Sheahan

I remember watching TV or reading a book as a child and saying, What if certain events happened differently. What if I could change how those events played out, make my own beginnings, middles and ends. How about a sequel? I would daydream about this in vivid color and non-stop action. When Star Wars came on the scene, my imagination really kicked into gear and the what if’s became impossible to ignore. I started writing my ideas down, developed them, created my own worlds and characters. There was one in particular I couldn’t forget about, on a world I loved to visit. So I wrote. A little at first, then more, until about three years ago, when the main character on this world insisted I tell their story. And so it began. I was hooked. My computer is now full of story ideas waiting for their turn to receive my full attention. I have finished a YA Science Fiction/Fantasy novel called Storm of Arranon and the next in the series Storm of Arranon: Fire and Ice. The final book is taking shape in the thought process and will become a fifty thousand word draft in November 2015 during NaNoWriMo.

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