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Santa’s Naughty List: 25 Tales Of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas


“These Paranormal Bad Boys are ripped and ready to climb down your chimney, stuff your stocking, and trim your tree! ”

These sexy bad boys are getting more than coal in their stockings this year. They’ve topped Santa’s Naughty list and nothing short of a Christmas miracle can save them!

25 Tales Of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas are sexy, naughty, and bad.
All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Authors ♥
Julia Mills, P.T. Macias, Melissa Bell, Armanda Kimberly, R.L Merrill, Darlene Kuncytes, P. Mattern, Solease M. Barner, C.D. Gorri, Danielle James, Dariel Raye, Monica Corwin, Addison Kline, KD Jones, Kelly Cozzone, Diana Marie Dubois, James WF Roberts, Heather Kirchhoff, Samantha Laverell, Georgiana Pallett, Stephanie Maycott, Daniella Whitehorse, Tasha T, Ginger Marie

This group of twenty-five amazing authors decided to give you a Christmas treat. These stories were written with heart, love, and pleasure. The goal to provide the readers stories to enjoy this Christmas.

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About R.L. Merrill

R.L. Merrill
R.L. Merrill started writing five years ago to deal with some not-so-pleasant life situations and to escape from the icky parts of being a responsible adult. It's turned into a very fulfilling way to spend her minuscule amount of free time and has mostly kept her sane. Her stories involve real life struggles and the romance that gets us through. Her novels are influenced and inspired by her own experiences as well as those of folks around her that she admires and respects for their strength and perseverance. She's lived in the Bay Area her whole life, with the exception of the four very good years she spent in rural Iowa during college. She's been an educator for twenty years as both a teacher and school counselor, and has spent time working closely with police and non-profit agencies as a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate. She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, tattoo collector, Metal fan, movie geek and book nerd, and she currently presides over a horde of animals consisting of two cats, a dog, a Ball Python, various fish varieties, and a rat.

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