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Path Of Three Hundred: Volume 1


“Have you ever reached a point in your life where you just wanted to take off?
We go where the winds of Life take us…
changes in course are inevitable…
Perhaps do not fight that which takes us with Love to our Destiny.”


Path of Three Hundred” is the true story of an adventure in progress. Everything in this book actually happened, I just changed most of the names, including my own, in order to tell the story in the third person…as if sitting around a campfire and telling a story of old. My thirty foot sailboat, the Sailing Vessel Cuddy is my Little She and the boat I sailed alone back and forth to Bermuda in 2011.

I loved the process of writing “Path of Three Hundred” for so many reasons, but the one which sticks in my mind now is being able to keep fresh the images of sailing across the open ocean. The beauty of out there is quite special…a place which will always draw me into it’s core.

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