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House of Evil

T.J. Walter is quickly becoming one of my favorite Authors for Crime Novels!

Two sisters are murdered weeks apart and retired detective John Brookes is drawn into the investigation. Immediately his life is in danger and he has no choice but to find out who wants him dead and why. The investigation takes Brookes all over the West Country and he slowly unveils a hideous series of crimes and a conspiracy of powerful people with a dark secret.

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About T. J. Walter

T. J. Walter
Once upon a time I was a police officer patrolling the streets of London. Now, long retired, I live on the south coast indulging my passions. Not the ones you may think! My passions are the search for justice; and humour. Justice I found to be somewhat elusive when in the force. Our legal system deals adequately with the small-fry but not infrequently comes sadly adrift when money is thrown at it. My books, although fiction, reflect my passions.

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