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Hooked By The Billionaire (WET Book 1)


“Hooked is the perfect storm of contemporary erotic romance and non-stop action and adventure.”

Fed up with the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ pace of her life, Lara tackles her new adult life with a job as a private chef on a mega yacht. She wants to see some of the world solo and free from her soul-sucking restaurant life. She doesn’t expect the job to come with a South Florida player who is everything she’s trying to flee. He’s a spoiled rotten typical alpha male, with a swollen billionaire’s ego massaged by every sexy babe who crosses his red carpet path. She’s not so sure about the pet monkey, either. That seems a little cruel.

Morgan is ready for a life with some meaning other than pain or, worse, boredom. He’s tired of a lot of things about himself including what he knows Lara instantly hates. His future will be different. He’s on his way to take his share of his family’s legacy and make peace with the unthinkable trauma of his emotionally crippling past. Morgan can’t help but try to convince Lara what she assumes about his bad boy persona is all wrong. At least it’s going to be wrong from now on.

A rare and dangerous encounter with a blue marlin’s blade begins an adventure that has Morgan fighting for his life. It’s a battle of body and will as he struggles to contain the demons his fever unchains in his dangerous memories. Thrust into the role of medic instead of her usual alpha male romance fantasy, Lara is in uncharted waters. She finds out how raw and compelling an injured man’s soul can be as this love story evolves a novel of romantic suspense that will leave you thirsty for more.

This is the first in the WET Romantic Adventure Series. It is a five chili hot new adult erotic romance told from alternating points of view. Sizzling scenes are intended only for adults who enjoy that sort of thing.


About G.E.Johnson

G.E. Johnson made her debut as a Christian fiction author in 2011 and became an Amazon best seller in multiple categories. Now G.E. is focusing her writing talent on helping Christian believers gain greater understanding of the Word of God through bible studies and commentaries. G.E. also works as a private marketing consultant for other authors through her online organization Book Promotions International. Her interests include reading, photography, spiritual outreach, and helping others to develop entrepreneurial ideas. G.E. is available to chat with readers and welcomes comments and emails. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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