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Guardian of the Gauntlet, Book 2

Guardian of the Gauntlet Book 2

After Camari receives a note attached to a kipsee bird from the Gnomes of Nurrocon, she realizes she must enlist Isryk’s aid. They are about to voyage across the ocean to help the gnomes retrieve crystals from the Magnite Sea which is guarded be a monster named the Great Vanthor. Camari and Isryk are sent on a quest accompanied by two gnomes, Eldon and Dantor. On this quest they encounter an evil troll named Alanak. They must use the gauntlet and help from the Ice Maiden in order to defeat him. They still have Malleforest to cross. Even when they think their quest is over they still face several more challenges.



About Lenita Sheridan

Lenita Sheridan
Lenita Sheridan was born in Seattle, Washington. When she was three she moved to Fairbanks, Alaska with her parents. Later the family purchased six and a half acres in the Goldstream Valley outside of Fairbanks. The woods of Goldstream were her playground and a source of inspiration and imagination. Later she moved back to Washington state, where, after two years she entered graduate school at the University of Washington. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She now lives on Whidbey Island where she enjoys substitute teaching, singing, crafts, writing, and walking her dog, a Japanese Spitz named Haley.

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