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Corr Syl the Warrior

Corr Syl the Warrior

This science fiction novel is about the Tsaeb (silent T, long a). Since its formation 40 million years ago, the Tsaeb civilization has survived giant meteorites and advancing ice sheets. But the greatest danger is always from new species. Now, a militant new species is trying to expand its territory into Tsaeb lands. When the species sends an armed patrol into the small Wycliff District, the District Council sends a young Tsaeb warrior named Corr Syl to investigate and recommend a response. Corr soon learns that spies have infiltrated his district, and already many lives are at risk. He catches a glimpse of something truly evil, and with no time to spare, must choose between a safe response that might fail, and a sure response that might start a war.




About Garry Rogers

Garry Rogers is an advocate for wildlife and nature conservation. He writes books and articles about nature and he writes difficult science fiction novels about an Earth on which the animals are smarter than humans.

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