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If you need book reviews please scroll down and choose the number of reviews you would like and we will coordinate the review process for you.

If you want to give new authors reviews – please signup below – we will notify you when we have new books to be reviewed at your leisure.  You will not be paid for reviews – this is strictly a volunteer service.

Guaranteed LEGIT Amazon Reviews of your Book: We will co-ordinate a targeted group of reviewers who will read your book and give an honest review. You are NOT paying for reviews and we are NOT paying for reviews, we merely co-ordinate the effort to get you much needed book reviews. We cannot guarantee you will get 5 star reviews – the reviews are purely based on what the reader thinks of your book. This feedback will be most beneficial to you and growing your business as an Author.

NOTE: After payment you are redirected to our order form to submit the info required for us to process your order.

10 Guaranteed LEGIT Amazon Reviews
10 Guaranteed Book Reviews
Maximum 30 Day Delivery for Free Books
25 Guaranteed LEGIT Amazon Reviews
25 Guaranteed Book Reviews
Maximum 60 Day Delivery for Free Books
50 Guaranteed LEGIT Amazon Reviews
50 Guaranteed Book Reviews
Maximum 90 Day Delivery for Free Books

Legal Disclaimer: AuthorPins does not guarantee sales of your book. Our goal is to expose your book to as many readers as possible during the time we are promoting it. This exposure may lead to sales, but we do not guarantee that. Factors such as pricing, book cover, synopsis, etc. may affect a reader’s decision to purchase your book. All promotion payments are final at 12:01 am on the beginning date of your promotion. After this time, any payment made becomes NON-REFUNDABLE. Please contact us BEFORE your scheduled promotion date with any changes, concerns, or questions regarding your promotion.  Prices are subject to change.

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