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Blind Man’s Bluff


High school seniors Brandon, Christopher, Lucy, Dominic, Brooklyn, Lauren, Vicki, and Ida, along with the Hernandez twins Angel and Jesus are longtime friends. Living among them is a cold-blooded killer, a monster they’d unknowingly created ten years prior when an innocent game of blind man’s bluff goes terribly wrong.

Flashback: one of the kids is attacked by a pair of drug addicts who wander into the neighborhood. The children run, but the innocence of the only one left behind is forever lost. Ten years to the present, a psychiatrist draws out the teenager’s buried anger about having been abandoned. Could this young patient be responsible for a string of murderous attacks on high school students? The killer wears a mask but leaves an unique calling card at each murder scene, a chilling warning of the terror awaiting the others. If you receive it, pray that your fate doesn’t become a reality.

Detective Cooper David is the lead law enforcement official on the killer’s trail, but he and his fellow investigators are running into continuous dead ends. Finally, they get the break they’ve been looking for, a victim who’s escaped from the killer’s clutches and can provide a crucial clue; this mysterious masked attacker has red hair! So who is this “Rossi” who is now all over the headlines? Learn the connection between Adriano and Rosa’s relationship in Italy thirty years prior to the events of the present. Blind Man’s Bluff is a hilarious, sexy, romantic, terrifying story that breaks all the rules of a typical mystery thriller.

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