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Aztecahs – An Archeo’s Adventure

 The Archeos grandfather, Dr. James Michaels received an urgent telegram from Dr. Jando Buriti, the archeologist that had guided them into the forbidding interior of the Pantanal in search the City of Z. The telegram said Dr. Guidion Duate, Jando’s closest archaeological colleague, had disappeared along with his six man archaeological team. They were somewhere deep in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. Jando wanted his good friend Jim Michaels, and his grandsons the Archeo’s, to drop everything and come and help him find them.

It was the end of the fall quarter of their junior year at the university for Sam, Yoder and Mike. As soon as their last exam was finished, and their grandfather wrapped up his work, they were on the plane headed to Brazil where they met Jando and his team.

The story Jando told them while they were preparing to go in search of Guidion Duate, fired their imaginations in ways they never thought possible.   Read More at Amazon.

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Branton Holmberg
Born in 1936 in Tacoma, Washington I was a medic in the Air Force from early 1955 to late 1958 when I took an early out to go to college on the GI Bill. I married my wife Margaret, an RN, in 1960 and we have a son, a daughter and a son. I earned my Master's degree in School Psychology at Central Washington State College in 1964 and was hired as an Instructor in Psychology at Pacific Lutheran College that same year. I finished my doctoral degree in education (Ed.D) at the University of Idaho in 1971 and was hired as an Associate Professor of Psychology at Central Washington State College. My wife and I purchased a nursing home in 1978 and were both involved in running it. I became a business consultant and taught at several universities as an Adjunct Professor. Due to illnesses of my father, brother, mother and sister-in-law I became a trustee/caregiver for several years. In 2000 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and believed it was surgically removed and I was cancer free until 2010 when it returned and spread to my larynx and trachea. I became a laryngectomee in August, 2010. As a result of the loss of my voice, which forces me to use an artificial larynx to speak, I began writing young adult and adult fiction adventure stories as a means of staying connected to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My writing became my salvation and I immersed myself in it. It's brought me greater satisfaction than I ever dreamed possible.

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