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I remember watching TV or reading a book as a child and saying, What if certain events happened differently. What if I could change how those events played out, make my own beginnings, middles and ends. How about a sequel? I would daydream about this in vivid color and non-stop action. When Star Wars came on the scene, my imagination really kicked into gear and the what if’s became impossible to ignore. I started writing my ideas down, developed them, created my own worlds and characters. There was one in particular I couldn’t forget about, on a world I loved to visit. So I wrote. A little at first, then more, until about three years ago, when the main character on this world insisted I tell their story. And so it began. I was hooked. My computer is now full of story ideas waiting for their turn to receive my full attention. I have finished a YA Science Fiction/Fantasy novel called Storm of Arranon and the next in the series Storm of Arranon: Fire and Ice. The final book is taking shape in the thought process and will become a fifty thousand word draft in November 2015 during NaNoWriMo.
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