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A Long Road Home by Patricia L. Myers


5 STARS … Not All Returning Veterans Are Welcomed Home With Open Arms……sadly
By Stan Hjerleid on April 30, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
In our daily news cycle concerning veterans, we sometimes forget that behind the scenes are a lot of heartaches and family adjustments faced by the families involved. This book captured for me the behind the scenes drama that I seldom consider. After reading this book, I guarantee you that you will view the veteran family reunions you see on the TV news in a new light.

I read a lot of thrillers so at first I was apprehensive if I would like a book that was about commitment, courage, love, and faith. Not to worry, me apprehension was dispelled within the first couple of chapters.

I highly recommend this excellently written book by an author that definitely has an insight coming from a military family. As an added bonus, it may even re-invigorate your faith.

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