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Discovering The Shepherd: A Study of Psalm 23

Thousands of years ago, King David penned what has possibly become the best known passage of the Bible’s Old Testament – the 23rd Psalm. This testimony of God’s faithfulness has served as a hymn of confidence for Christian believers worldwide who look to the Shepherd of the Psalm as their comforter and provider. Yet, how many believers have taken time to really become familiar with the scripture in its original language? Are there hidden meanings in the Hebrew text of the Psalm?

In “Discovering The Shepherd,” readers will take a deeper look at the text of Psalm 23 through an expository overview of the scripture. Modern believers will learn more about the ancient Hebrew text of the Bible and discover revelation hidden beneath the surfaces of the English translations of the verses. An excellent commentary to your regular bible study, “Discovering The Shepherd” will strengthen and inspire your faith as you become more familiar with Shepherd of the Psalm.

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G.E. Johnson made her debut as a Christian fiction author in 2011 and became an Amazon best seller in multiple categories. Now G.E. is focusing her writing talent on helping Christian believers gain greater understanding of the Word of God through bible studies and commentaries. G.E. also works as a private marketing consultant for other authors through her online organization Book Promotions International. Her interests include reading, photography, spiritual outreach, and helping others to develop entrepreneurial ideas. G.E. is available to chat with readers and welcomes comments and emails. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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